Expand and formalize business-training efforts for current and aspiring local organic farmers.

    Build schools to provide much needed education to children in those communities. Due to the
      geographical isolation of our Farming partner communities, many children do not have access to

    Provide start up funds to new farmers wishing to enter the organic spice market or related trades with
      the training and follow through to be provided by Yogi Botanicals International.

Our Objectives:
Yogi Botanicals is empowering individuals, communities, and the institutions serving them. 

Our Aim
     To help communities to become economically self-dependent.
     To provide humanitarian and disaster relief to at-risk people and communities.
     To improve the delivery and effectiveness of health care and social services, especially to the
     To facilitate and strengthen partnerships among communities, non-governmental organizations, and
       businesses to safeguard  the environment and fulfill sustainable development goals.
     To respect the cultural and religious beliefs of those we serve.

Yogi Botanicals  is seeking to strengthen  its partnership with organic producers around the globe and to impart its vast experience to help  a better life for people.

Yogi Botanicals is also seeking to enter into partnership with non-profit or government entities to expand the scope of its community support services and the professional development assistance. It is currently providing to local farmers around the world.

With additional funding, Yogi Botanicals is capable of expanding its current assistance to include the following:
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